This past September the 57th Annual European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology Meeting shared some exciting research news that experienced pediatricians welcomed. As study found that Vitamin B supplements are very important for kids suffering from type 1 diabetes. The supplements provide protection for kidney function for these kids.

Kids with diabetes are subject to developing kidney disease which can become progressively worse over time. The vitamin B supplements appear to protect against this. The fact that the kids may not develop problems in their childhood or teen years with supplementation also means that they may be able to lead healthier lives when they come into adulthood.

Childhood Diabetes is a National Problem

Kids who suffer from childhood diabetes may have a diminished life due to the many complications the disease brings about. This disease is not a temporary malady. It continues throughout life. The body cannot produce enough insulin, so blood glucose levels are not properly regulated. If not detected by an experienced pediatrician, type 1 diabetes can lead to a variety of serious health issues include diabetic kidney disease.

In its preliminary stages, childhood diabetes is not easily detected because there are no symptoms. Consequently, it can develop over several years. When it finally is detected often long-term treatments are needed; some of which can be intensive as well as expensive. Untreated type 1 diabetes can lead to an earlier death in adulthood.

Experienced Pediatricians are Hopeful

The vitamin B supplement study was small and further studies on larger groups still need to be performed before the results can be claimed as conclusive. Still the preliminary findings are giving hope to experienced pediatricians and families.

If the vitamin B supplements are helpful in preventing or slowing the progression of diabetic kidney problems, this would mean that many lives would be changed. The supplementation along with other measures including healthy eating and exercise could possibly give kids with type 1 diabetes hope for a more normal life.

The question remains as to whether the supplements can improve blood glucose regulation. It is also not clear whether kidney function is improved with supplementation. Further studies need be conducted to find out to what extent the vitamin supplementation is helping.  The fact that the study does indicate prevention or slowing of kidney disease is encouraging for experienced pediatricians and the families dealing with childhood diabetes.

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