If you have trouble remembering which vaccines your child has already received, you are not alone. Keeping up with vaccines can be daunting. Keeping the records of your child(ren)’s vaccines together and handy at a moment’s notice is not something that most people can admit. Fortunately, there is a system that you can use which will keep track of all immunizations. The vaccine registry, or immunization registry, for Texas is called the Texas Immunization Registry, or ImmTrac.

How ImmTrac Works

You must give consent to register your child’s vaccines with ImmTrac. The vaccine registry is an optional service that will track all of your child’s vaccines. Your consent for registration allows your child’s healthcare provider to report the vaccines to ImmTrac. The information is stored electronically and includes your child’s name, date-of-birth, the parent or guardian’s name, your child’s address and information on the shots and who administered them. You also have the option of adding the child’s Social Security number and the mother’s maiden name to help prevent record duplication.

Why Use a Vaccine Registry?

ImmTrac provides authorized healthcare staff all the current information on your child’s immunizations. Regardless of where your child was vaccinated, the records are available. This ensures that your child receives all the vaccinations needed for optimum health. It also prevents your child from receiving duplicate vaccinations. Your child’s healthcare provider can use the system to remind you when vaccines are due or if they are overdue. If you need a record of immunizations for school or childcare purposes, a complete and accurate record is available at ImmTrac.

The system is not just for children. Adults can register with ImmTrac as well. This vaccine registry is for lifetime registry so you will have a record of all your vaccinations. If you were a child when your vaccines were registered and you have turned 18, you must sign an adult consent form before you turn 26 in order to keep your immunization information stored with ImmTrac.

Privacy Concerns

Only certain people are authorized to view the information stored at ImmTrac. These people are authorized by law and they include doctors, schools, childcare centers, and public health providers. These people have ImmTrac identification numbers and passwords which allow them access to the vaccine registry system. No one else is able to view the information so your privacy is protected. ImmTrac does not allow individuals to view their information online. They must get the list from their authorized healthcare provider. This is to keep your records secure and confidential

Pediatric Health Care of Northwest Houston has authorization with ImmTrac and we encourage our families to take advantage of this service. Not only does it help keep you on track with your child’s immunizations, you will also find it helpful when you need to access the information. No more looking through drawers and papers trying to find a list of immunizations.

At Pediatric Health Care of Northwest Houston we take pride in offering our families the best pediatric healthcare services. Healthcare should not be difficult or a burden. Contact us for all your child’s healthcare needs. We are here to support you in raising healthy, happy kids.

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