Millions of parents across the country get that deer-in-the-headlights look when they are about to enroll their child in school, a sports program or a special class and find out they need vaccine information. At that moment, the scramble is on to find the information. Organized parents don’t have it quite as bad, but even they can be challenged by putting their hands on the current information immediately. The vaccine registry makes it easy to access the information, when you need a full record, complete and current.

ImmTrac 2, the Vaccine Registry for Texans

The ability to keep up the family’s vaccine records easily is something every parent appreciates. Over 8 million people in Texas have this ability, with ImmTrac 2. Texas’ vaccine registry is used by over 60,000 organizations throughout the state. This service is offered free of charge to all Texas residents.

The vaccine registry stores your information safely. Even if you have vaccines from various sources, all the information is gathered together in one secure, centralized database. Once you are connected to ImmTrac 2, you will never need to waste time looking for immunization documentation again.

Getting Registered

If you are interested in getting registered with the vaccine registry, you will need to contact ImmTrac 2, at the Texas Department of State Health Services. You are not automatically enrolled when you or your child receives an immunization. In order to participate in the service, you will need to provide written consent. Your vaccine registry records are only available to those organizations and providers who are authorized to see them. This can include health care providers, public health departments and schools.

The Benefits of ImmTrac 2

In addition to having all your immunizations in one secure database, there are other benefits to the vaccine registry. All of your doctors will have access to your records. This is especially helpful for parents who have more than one child to keep track of. If you move across state and have to find a new doctor, your records will still be handy.

Enrolling in school is easier too. Instead of searching for all those immunization records, your child’s school can get the needed information from ImmTrac 2. If your child doesn’t have all the required immunizations for enrollment, the school can let you know that, as well.

The vaccine registry is provided at no cost to you. Immunization records are stored in a safe and secure system and only accessible to authorized people and organizations. The records are kept over your lifetime, so when you need information for school, college, military service, travel or any other reason, it’s readily available.
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