Being parents, we have a lot of concerns for our children. Many wonder about the vaccination’s pros and cons, and is it safe for the children. However, a vaccine saves millions of lives yearly. It is a fact that the vaccines have eliminated dangerous diseases like smallpox from the world. And the elimination of many others is at the onset.

Authorities have recommended a particular dose of vaccination for children given at different ages. Vaccinations fight dangerous diseases. It works by making the person resistant to illness and strengthens the body to fight against that particular illness and infection and stay safe.

Vaccinations Pros

Studies show that vaccines are necessary for children to fight against diseases. It has various benefits. The most important is that it saves a life. The vaccine reduces the death rate in children. Parents wonder if it is safe. The vaccine does not cause harm as it has gone through many testing phases before implementation. In rare cases, only a few allergic reactions can occur.

When it comes to monetary value, the vaccines’ cost is much less than the actual disease. Along with medical expenses, the patient has to fill lots of other bills. Hence, vaccinations have made life much more comfortable. A child who is vaccinated will be safe from the risk of various diseases. Besides it, a vaccinated mother will protect the unborn child from viruses in the same manner.

Vaccinations cons

Although rare, few vaccination cons include side effects due to allergic reactions. However, it occurs at one per million children. Few vaccines have strong ingredients to fight with the disease; this can affect the body. Studies have connected it with autism, asthma, and diabetes in the long run. But no such evidence occurs. Conversely, a vaccine is indeed an artificial product. Hence, vaccination’s pros and cons need many detailed studies.

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