Typhoid is a disease that occurs through Salmonella Typhi Bacteria. It can lead to a person’s death in extreme cases. Anyone who hasn’t taken its vaccination, whether through oral dose or injection, can catch the infection easily from the carrier of the disease. Typhoid shots or popularly known as Typhim is a medicine which helps to immune children from the fever of typhoid. However, there can be instances where children rather than getting benefits may suffer from typhoid shots of side effects.

Side Effects

Where there are several benefits of typhoid vaccination, there can be some side effects as well. The area of injection may feel tender, red, or a hard lump may develop. The less common typhoid shots side effects some children can have are nausea, headache, low fever, diarrhea, or stomach pain too. There can also be severe typhoid shots side effects, such as swollen glands, tremors, or body aches too. Children sometimes feel like they will pass out. Most of the side effects may be due to inappropriate typhoid injection dose and children may develop long term side effects.

You must consult your child’s doctor and clarify any reactions your child might develop due to the shot. Sharing a complete medical history of your child also saves them from the side effects of the vaccine.


Drinking water from an open-source or having ice in drinks can cause this disease. Therefore, while traveling gives bottled water to your child. A child who has a persistent infection of typhoid must be taken to a doctor for treatment. Furthermore, avoidance of close contact is a way to go about to prevent your child from catching the disease.

Although typhoid shots side effects are many, yet doctors advise to take typhoid shots when people are traveling to regions where the infection is common. If you are desirous of getting your child vaccinated, contact Pediatric Health Care or call our offices to get an appointment.

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