The world in 2020 is racing against the clock to find the cure to the COVID-19 vaccine. Every nation is trying ways to save its population and control the spread of a pandemic. Vaccine serves as a seat belt in a car, saving lives in case of an accident. Many people have misconceptions, but the truth about vaccines is that it has protected many lives. People are fortunate that once the COVID vaccine is available, the world will fight against the pandemic.

The vaccine prevents deadly diseases

Vaccines save a child from deadly diseases. A child’s immune is fighting every day with millions of germs around; vaccines strengthen its capacity. It is a lifetime prevention tool and controls the spread of diseases like hepatitis, chickenpox, polio, measles, mumps, and many others. There was a time when rubella and malaria took lives, but now due to vaccines, it is no longer a deadly threat.


Thanks to the vaccine, we don’t hear of diseases like smallpox now. The vaccine works by stopping the spread of bacteria or virus and making it harmless in its initial stages. Despite its benefits, few avoid it. People have misconceptions and fear that vaccinating their child can have side effects or cause other problems. However, no such evidence is available beside it saves lives. Children who do not take vaccines when they become ill can reach to the ICU and even die as their immune system is not capable of fighting the bacteria or virus.

COVID-19 vaccine

Hence, the truth about vaccines is that it is entirely safe and is in use after passing through multiple trials. The world is confident that once the COVID-19 vaccine is available, millions of lives will be secure. Get your child vaccinated today and save him or her for a lifetime against deadly diseases. Schedule your appointments at our office, call on (281)655-1500 or (936)539-8190 .

Covid vaccine now available