Your child’s health is always a priority and protecting them against the flu and other potentially deadly diseases is important. The flu shot is one of the best options for protecting your child during the influenza season, which usually begins in October or November. Since some children require two doses, September or the beginning of October is the best time to get your children their flu shots, which we offer at Pediatric Healthcare NW Houston clinics.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 7,000 – 26,000 children five years of age and younger are hospitalized each year due to the flu. Additionally, dozens of children die from this common infectious ailment each year, which may be prevented with annual flu shots. The severity of the flu seasons varies, but you do not want to wait until November or December, when the season hits its peak. The CDC recommends children over the age of six months get annual flu shots by the end of October for the best protection against the different strains of influenza.

Flu Shot Recommendations from Pediatric Healthcare NW Houston

This year has been hard for all the families in Houston. To ensure outbreaks of the flu do not make it more difficult, it is important to get your entire family vaccinated for the flu, especially your children. Here are some basics on the flu shot and what you need to know before you come in for your flu shots at Pediatric Healthcare NW Houston:

  • Annual immunizations are important. Even if you child received their flu shot last year, it needs to be repeated annually. If your child has not been previously vaccinated against the flu, they should receive two doses at least four weeks apart. Also, those who only received one dose in previous years should have the double dose.
  • Children five and younger are most susceptible. Younger children are more likely to have serious complications if they get the flu. Infants cannot be vaccinated until after six months of age, but those over six months should be vaccinated every year.
  • Protection does not begin immediately. You want your children to receive their flu shot well before the season. If you child needs two doses, full protection from the shot will not begin until about two weeks after the second dose. Call Pediatric Healthcare NW Houston now, to find out more about getting your flu shots right away.

Don’t let the flu plague your family this year. Pediatric Healthcare NW Houston has five clinics to serve you and your family. We offer friendly, excellent medical care for your children, including vaccinations for the flu. Call today, to schedule your next visit to one of our clinics.

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