There’s nothing worse than a summer cold, right? For one thing, most sufferers think it shouldn’t happen this time of year. Even worse, it robs them of being able to get outside and enjoy their usual summertime activities. And the symptoms often seem to be more severe than a typical wintertime cold.
But cold in the summer isn’t necessarily more severe. It just seems to be that way.

It’s All in Your Head

There are two main types of viruses that cause colds, enteroviruses and rhinoviruses. Rhinoviruses cause the vast majority of colds, no matter what time of the year it may be. Enteroviruses tend to cause more severe symptoms, and they are a bit more prevalent during the summer months. However, rhinoviruses still lead to more colds in the summer – and their symptoms don’t change regardless of the season.

Since most colds in the summer are due to rhinoviruses, why do summer colds seem worse? The answer seems to be it’s a psychological issue. They’re not that common, so people who get them tend to feel that they’ve suffered some sort of injustice. That feeling can intensify when they realize that just about everyone else they know feels great. In the winter if you have a cold, a lot of other people do as well. That knowledge can make it easier for cold sufferers to accept their fates.

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