When you are raising children, you might just want an experienced pediatrician on speed dial- especially if you are a first-time parent. Kids come down with an abundance of common childhood ailments that can cause parents concern. In addition, where there are children, there are spills, falls and a variety of accidents. Whether you’re dealing with common childhood illnesses or something more serious, having an experienced pediatrician to turn to can save you worry and help you keep your children healthy.

Why is An Experienced Pediatrician Important?

There are so many different things your children can be exposed to or experience.Having a pediatrician who has years of experience can save you time, money and worry. When a child’s doctor has seen hundreds of cases of rashes and fevers, for example, they can quickly rule out less serious problems, saving you additional clinic calls. They are quick to reassure new parents, as well as experienced parents. They will inform you when your young one is experiencing a virus that will run its course or when more investigation and testing is necessary.

An experienced pediatrician is familiar with common vaccinations and preventative measures as well. It’s comforting to know your child’s doctor is operating from a place of knowledge from the hundreds of children he or she has already nurtured on the road to good health.

Common Services An Experienced Pediatrician Will Offer

You and your child will start your relationship with your pediatrician from birth. From help with breastfeeding, to the initial well-baby checks and immunizations, to ongoing checkups throughout the first year, you want to build a trusted relationship. Your job as parent will be much easier when you have an experienced pediatrician you can rely on to help you through those first weeks and months.

As your child grows, you’ll add in school physicals as well as an ongoing schedule of necessary vaccinations. Some children develop food or environmental allergies or digestive issues. Other services you will count on your pediatrician for include adolescent changes or even behavioral struggles. If your teens develop acne problems or struggles with hormonal changes through adolescence, knowing their pediatrician from birth gives them a sense of safety and comfort in dealing with these difficulties.

Pediatric Healthcare of Houston is staffed with several experienced pediatricians. When you bring in your children for medical care, you can rest assured they will be treated by highly professional doctors who are devoted to children. Their friendly, caring manner with your kids will help them relax and not fear going to the doctor. Meanwhile, you have the peace of mind of knowing your children are getting excellent, experienced health care.

We invite you to schedule an appointment today at Pediatric Healthcare of Houston. We look forward to adding you to our family of patients and providing you with quality care. We have several convenient locations throughout the Houston area so you can reach us easily without having to travel across the city. We accept most major insurance plans and will happily answer all of your questions.  Call today to schedule your appointment and begin your healthcare partnership with an experienced pediatrician today.



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