The Texas vaccine registry, or ImmTrac2, is offered free of charge to all Texas residents, but you must consent for inclusion. Can you withdraw this consent for your family down the road, though, or is it permanent?

What Is the Texas Vaccine Registry?

The value of the vaccine registry for families is that it provides a single, centralized location for the entire family’s vaccination records. This means kids aren’t over-immunized when records can’t be located for school or daycare, parents don’t have to maintain paper files with sensitive medical information in their homes and copies of immunization records can be requested at any time.

The only people who can access this information later are those with specific authorization, including public health departments, schools and health care providers. Still, you may decide, after previously opting in, that you no longer want your child’s medical information stored in the database. What are your options if you want to withdraw from the vaccine registry?

How to Withdraw From ImmTrac2

Your written consent was required for inclusion in the Texas vaccine registry, and it’s similarly required to withdraw. You can download the form, complete it and send it by mail to:

Texas Department of State Health Services

Immunization Unit – ImmTrac Group

MC 1946, PO Box 149347

Austin, TX 78714-9347

The form can also be faxed:

(512) 776-7790 (Austin)


(866) 624-0180 (toll-free)

At Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston, we want to make it easy for all the parents we work with to make informed decisions. If you have questions about vaccinations, the vaccine registry or general child wellness, call us today.

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