Every child feels refreshing and clean after a shower, but sometimes your little one may develop red blotches on the skin after a shower. You may observe your child’s face turning red or dry red spots forming on various areas of the body. You may begin to look up for remedies, but it is good to find out the reason behind getting them.

Associated reason

A hot shower may feel soothing specifically in winters, but it can leave scratches on your child’s skin. He/she may have red feet or face after a shower. This is because hot water removes the essential oil from your child’s skin leaving it excessively dry. This may even cause it to become itchy, and your child may eventually have red blotches on the skin after a shower.

Following are a few ways one may prevent red blotches on the skin after a shower:

Avoid Using Harsh Soaps

A child’s skin is extremely sensitive. After using soap, he/she may get a feeling that the skin is unprotected against external irritants. Harsh soaps can also make the child’s skin weak and strip natural oils of the skin. It is a good practice to use soaps that are free from chemicals and are light on the skin.

Choose to Moisturize

When you shower your child, do apply a hydrating cream on his/her skin to lock moisture and keep the skin calm and nourished.

Pat dry instead of using a towel

After giving a shower, it is natural to use a towel to make the skin free from water. However, doing this removes not only water but also moisture. Instead, try patting the skin to keep the moisture intact.

The chances of red blotches on the skin after a shower will increase if you instantly give a bath to your child after a playtime. If your child persistently gets red blotches, consult a dermatologist at Pediatric Health Care or call us on (936) 539-8190 for more information.

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