If you’re not feeling well, you might be tempted to forgo a doctor’s appointment but it’s a different story altogether when you have an ill child. Getting medical attention becomes a priority. Nobody wants to have their child sick and uncomfortable. Not only does it interfere with household activities and responsibilities, but their absence from school can cause an issue. You want quality medical care and you want it quickly.

Who Do You Call?

It might be tempting to call a general practitioner in a pinch, but the best option is to go see a pediatrician. You might not think there is that much of a difference. After all, a doctor is a doctor, right? Not necessarily. A doctor that is specially trained in pediatric health brings another degree of quality medical care.

Above and Beyond

Pediatricians are required to obtain additional schooling. They are trained specifically in identifying and diagnosing childhood illnesses and development. This isn’t limited to physical changes. Pediatricians are also taught to identify mental, social and emotional issues as well. Basically, your pediatrician treats the whole child, not just one symptom or concern and they monitor progress more closely.

Professionals You Can Trust

At Pediatric Healthcare, we believe in specialized attention for each child and are dedicated to personalized care. We have several locations to serve you and accept most major health insurance plans. We offer quality medical care for whatever may ail your child.  Let us introduce ourselves. Visit us online to see how our practice puts your child first.

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