Imagine spending all day trying to breathe through a tiny cocktail straw. This is what an asthma attack can feel like. Your lungs work hard trying to breathe in enough air to keep you going. Expending any energy, even the energy to talk, is an immense chore. When it’s your child suffering this way and you feel like there is nothing you can do, remember you can do one important thing: Get quality medical care for your little one.

Asthma Affects the Family

Asthma affects not just the child, but the entire family. Depending on the severity of your child’s asthma, you may find yourself in a heightened state of awareness as you watch for signs of an impending attack. Symptoms can emerge during playtime or times of elevated activity such as participation in sports. Weather and emotional stress can also trigger an attack for some kids.

Siblings are affected not only from watching their brother or sister suffer, but also during those times when family events need to be altered or curtailed in order to accommodate the needs of the sick child. The child who is suffering from the attack may also be aware of the impact this condition is having on everyone else. For the very sensitive child, this could serve to make matters worse.

Enlisting the help and guidance of quality medical care will go a long way in helping you to manage your child’s asthma. You may also receive guidance on how to help siblings deal with the situation. When everyone is on board and has the information they need, life can become smoother and more enjoyable.

How Quality Medical Care Can Help

In addition to providing your child with medications and a treatment plan, high quality medical care will take into consideration the impact this condition has on the family. Realistically, you will not be able to monitor your child’s health every minute of every day. Your child’s age will determine how much responsibility he can shoulder for his own health and wellbeing – an older child or teen will be better able to manage and avoid triggers.

Your health care provider will help you create an action plan to implement if an attack should occur. This will be helpful when you have to leave your child in the care of others, particularly where younger kids are concerned. You can have peace of mind knowing the person caring for your child has access to the information and meds needed if she should have an asthma attack.

Being Prepared

Quality medical care to help with your child’s asthma, will not only enable you to feel comfortable with the treatment plan for managing your child’s condition, you will learn ways to prevent attacks. A health care provider who is very familiar with asthma in children can help you spot early warning signs of an impending attack.

Your child’s doctor may show you and your child how to use a peak flow meter to help with asthma management. Along with daily medicines, you will be shown how to use “quick relief” or emergency medicine, usually in the form of an inhaler. Another important aspect of quality medical care is learning when a visit to the ER is appropriate. Having information available, if you should need to make such a visit, is critical for effectiveness as well as peace of mind.

You can depend on the high quality medical care offered at Pediatric Healthcare. We will help you with all you need to know to manage your child’s asthma. We also help older children with asthma learn to watch for triggers and support them in taking on some of the responsibility for managing their own condition. If you are looking for guidance and support as well as excellent healthcare for your child, contact us.

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