With the continuous spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19, parents in the US have also started becoming worried. As per the latest report of the World Health Organization as of February 27, 2020, 82294 people have been affected by the virus, and 2804 have died. It has spread over 50 countries, and in the United States, 59 cases have been confirmed. But a little relief is from the fact that this virus does not affect children severely. In most of the cases, a family member was the cause of the child’s infection. The children may have symptoms, but these are very mild.

How should parents react?

Even if the virus affects the children mildly, parents must take the same precautions as in the case of flu or cold. At the moment, it is unclear whether this is a recurring virus or just affects once. In either case, parents should educate their children to wash their hands frequently, specifically before having food, coming from outside, touching untidy things, and after using the bathroom. Furthermore, if the parents see a person sneezing or coughing, they should keep their children away from him/her. Another way to keep the children safe is to avoid unnecessary traveling, specifically to regions where the virus has spread drastically. However, domestic trips are ok but with necessary caution.

Up till now, the virus has not spread a lot in the US; however, if it starts spreading rapidly, people should adopt social distancing. This means keeping a distance from people and staying at home rather than going out for activities. In case of a serious outbreak of the virus in the US, the schools may close temporarily, and people can work from home where possible.
The easy way to make your kids ready is to get them a flu shot. Consult a doctor if you fear that your kid might have been affected by the virus. Pediatric Health Care is ready to help you out. Call us now on 281-655-1500 or 936-539-8190 if you need some more details.

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