Years ago, a friend of mine referred me to a new clinic. She told me there is nothing like hearing your kid’s doctor speak to them in their native tongue. I was intrigued as I had never thought of language as a factor of health. I quietly made an appointment, and have not regretted the decision since.

What I love about my kid’s doctor is that they are the most qualified and knowledgeable concerning my children’s health.

What I Love about My Kid’s Doctor

My pediatrician and team of nurse practitioners got me through some scares that with my second child I now know would have resolved themselves on their own. They were very patient with me as I scheduled appointments for every flu or cold. Although I have a group of mom and dad friends with whom I take my children on playdates giving awesome advice to me, I still needed a doctor’s reassurance.

What my kid’s team did was educate me on how to teach my children simple preventive methods, counsel me on personalized, healthy growth plans and when it is important to come in for antibiotics or immunizations. Additionally, it is very clear that they delight in my children’s lives.

Beloved Children

Each appointment I get to see a new aspect of the care my friend referred to me and my children. My eldest tags along and the team coos over him, entertaining him and giving him treats, while my youngest gets checkups. One time after he finished a sucker, a nurse lifted him and set him on a stool, saying, “Time to wash your hands!” They sang the happy birthday song together. Afterward, I overheard the nurses in the hallway saying he was such a joy to teach.

What I love about my kid’s doctor is that the whole team treats my children as their own, and my friend’s child, too. They sing Feliz Cumpleaños with her.

24/7 Care

As my children near adolescence, I have become fully confident that their health and well-being is in the right hands. I make appointments with the different pediatricians and nurse practitioners for a balanced understanding of my various parenting needs. Their providers are open 24/7, and two of their five clinics are open on Saturdays.

All of us are looking for Optimal Healthcare when it comes to our children. What I love about my kid’s doctor is that these pediatricians and nurse practitioners are the most qualified educators, which is vital when choosing a doctor. They keep up-to-date on the latest issues and specialize in accurate approaches. What I love about my kid’s doctor is that they are affordable and budget arrangements can be made through their billing department.

For an appointment, please call Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston to schedule at any of their five clinics near you. All their locations are convenient, so browse the team for whichever doctor you think will best meet your child’s needs.

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