After your child is born, it’s only natural to want the absolute best care for him or her. Although you might think it’s more convenient for your son or daughter to see your general practitioner or just go to the urgent care whenever they are feeling sick, your kid’s doctor is crucial to their development and can be a valuable resource for the family.

Choosing a board-certified pediatrician for your child ensures that your kid will not only have a physician who has child-specific expertise, but also someone who can serve as a base for your kid’s medical care. Your kid’s doctor will help coordinate care if you need any specialists or surgeons, and will be there to answer any questions that will inevitably pop up as your child grows and develops.

Why Child-Specific Expertise is Crucial in Your Kid’s Doctor

Pediatricians are well versed and specially trained to understand the complex physical, emotional and social development of children. A child may be too young or too shy to talk to their pediatrician about their symptoms, and a kid’s doctor will be able to better diagnose them than a general practitioner or an urgent care physician. Pediatricians also understand the complex dynamics of a home and family life and can help address any issues that can come up.

Your kid’s doctor will also understand that your child is not just a miniature adult. They will often present different symptoms than an adult and require different treatments. Your pediatrician will also be trained to have “kid-friendly bedside manner” and will have the skills to help kids feel comfortable describing their symptoms or undergoing any scary in-office procedures.

If your child has a life-threatening or life-altering condition or disease, your pediatrician will help you navigate through your difficult and harrowing journey to finding a sense of normalcy. They’ll have a good idea of which specialists would be best to see and how to provide care at home for your special needs child.

A Pediatrician Will Help Parents Make Healthy Choices

Your kid’s doctor will prescribe medications when your child is sick or injured, and they’ll also help you determine how to make the best healthy choices for them throughout their young life.

Your pediatrician will answer your question no matter how silly or seemingly innocuous it might be,and they’ll help keep your kid on a healthy track from newborn to age 18. Even if your child only needs one annual checkup, your pediatrician will offer advice on how to prevent illness and injury and give you tips on how to model healthy behaviors for your kids. Plus, they’ll be there any time your kid needs an antibiotic for the strep throat bug going around or that especially itchy round of chicken pox that pops up in preschool.

At Pediatric Healthcare, we want to be your family’s most valuable resource for their physical, emotional, and social health needs. We take pride in providing excellent pediatric care to our families.  Contact us for the best pediatric care in Houston.

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