“Stand up straight!” How many times have you heard it or said it? It’s a common phrase that echoes throughout households everywhere. It’s for good reason, too. Good posture keeps joints and bones in proper alignment and reduces abnormal wear on joint surfaces. It decreases the pressure on ligaments, and, overall, is an important tool to staying healthy. It’s no wonder, then, posture plays an important role in how kids develop.

Poor Posture

Video games, smart phones and iPads are just a few technological devices used by millions of kids every day. Looking down, like you would when looking at a smart phone or tablet, rounds your shoulders and gives you poor posture. Other red flag indicators of poor posture that are affecting how kids develop are back pain, body aches, muscle fatigue and headaches.

How Kids Develop Good Posture

Combat bad posture with these tips:

  • Have your child sit on a stool or chair without back support for 5 minutes. Make sure they don’t slump over or arch their backs, as that is not how kids develop good posture.
  • Make sure they move around every ½ an hour.
  • Teach them to bring food up to their mouths instead of slouching down over the plate. This rounding of the shoulders shrinks the spine.

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