Many people do not understand what healthy means. Healthy is not the opposite of being sick. Being healthy means that the routine you are under is something which is good for you. Kids are very prone to diseases, which means you have to take precautionary measures to keep them as safe as possible. At the same time you also need to make their routine healthy. If you make their routines healthy at this age they will be able to stay healthy when they grow up too. A lot of people have fitness problem simply because they became so used to sitting inside their homes and overloading on sugary treats that they find it terribly difficult to change their habits.

A note about these tips – Do you know why so many people neglect healthy habits? It is because healthy habits take work. It is easier to just let your kids stay at home and eat whatever they want, to make them better health wise you will need to put in an effort as well. It might take some work but it is totally worth it.

1 – Encourage an active lifestyle

Kids need to run around and play! There are people who do not live in areas where good parks are nearby but you still need to ensure they get as much play time as possible. You will have to drive them to parks and get them involved in sports. If your kids get used to running and being athletic from a young age they will probably stay that way when they grow older as well.

2 – Control their diets

As a parent you have complete control over your child’s diet. If you want to make sure that their bodies grow properly and that they don’t lack energy you need to control what you feed them. You do not have to avoid sodas and candy completely but you do need to limit it. On the same note, try to delay your child’s first sip of soda as much as possible. If you start giving them soda and candy when they are little they will get used to them and will start throwing tantrums when they get older. Limit it in the beginning and you’ll be good.

3 – Make food that also includes healthy ingredients

Here’s the deal; unless you are a vegetarian household, your children will be craving meat. Burgers and fried chicken may be delicious but they are bad for you and for your kids. You don’t have to completely stop eating fast food but you need to limit the intake. The easy way to do it without making your kids hate food is to make food that combines meat with a lot of vegetables. Chicken salads, for example, taste great, contain chicken which kids love while at the same time have lots of healthy vegetables in them. Try to substitute burgers for sandwiches and put a lot of fresh vegetables in the sandwiches. Go easy on the sauces; some of them contain lots of sugar among other harmful ingredients.

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