The gums are soft tissues that encapsulate the teeth. They are soft and very delicate and suffer from cut pretty easily. The ability of gums to get injured easily is the reason they bleed so often. Cut on the gums may lead to intense bleeding, so do not worry. It is most likely that the blood is mixed with a large portion of saliva. So the problh2 may not be as grave as you think.

Cut on the gums is fairly common; it may be small or large depending on the impact. You can try to prevent this from happening with care. However, no matter how vigilant you are, your children will suffer from bleeding once in a while due to a cut on their gums. Make it a habit to screen the food your child eats in order to minimize this issue.

Causes for Cut on the Gums

Your child will have a fair share of bruises and cuts everywhere from the skin to their mouth, which is just a part of growing up. Let’s have a look at some common causes of cut on the gums.
Gums are fragile soft tissues that need no more than a soft impact to suffer from damage. This is because our gums are in constant contact with food liquids, floss, toothbrush, etc. a slight slip from the brush can easily cause bruising.

Similarly, even a small food particle chipped on the gums can lead to a cut and consequent bleed. Mostly, gum bruising and related injuries do not require medical attention. They resolve on their own.

How To Treat Cut on the Gums?

As carefree as they are, children might not pay attention to your cautions and end up with bruises and bleeding, do not worry. Here’s what you can do to heal cut on the gums.

1. Stop the bleed

Softly apply a paper towel or clean piece of cloth to your child’s gum and let it stay there for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Rh2ove the cloth and rinse with ice cold water to wash off the blood and debris on the gums where there is a cut.

2. Saltwater rinse

The saltwater solution works well as an antibacterial. Take equal parts of salt and water and dissolve thh2 together to form a solution. Swish and swirl some amount for about 2 minutes, then spit. Repeat the same at least twice a day.

3. Diet Modification

Do not let your child have anything solid or food that has sharpened edges, such as crisps. This greatly reduces the chance of delayed healing of the cut on the gums. Decrease intake of citrus fruits and hot beverages because it will sting. Soft or sh2i-solid foods are best until your child fully recovers.

4. Cold compress

Ice packs or cold compress applied on the cut gums can ease the pain to a good extent. You can either use a cloth dipped in cold water or ask to suck on ice cubes.

5. Pain Medication

For rapid relief, OTC medications are helpful. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are some of the over-the-counter medications that ease the pain due to cuts on the gums.


A cut on your child’s gum is not something to get worried about. It will most likely resolve on its own. However, if the bleeding persists, head to Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston, P.A for a full checkup. Call now .(936) 539 8190 Conroe or Houston (281) 655 1500.

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