Most parents have a heartfelt wish of boosting their child’s immunity to keep them healthy. The internet is filled with immunity boosting supplements and herbal remedies. But do you think your child should be consuming those? They need a gentle touch with an accurate approach which is only possible through proper medical care. Children are often riddled with common cold and flu as they are introduced to common viruses and bacteria in day care centers and schools. Generally, a child can get at least two infections or more in a single year. Although they don’t usually lead to complications, they are a constant reason for discomfort, loss of sleep and comfort and absences from school and playdates.

Children with normal immune system have the ability to respond well to viruses and infections and when you are dealing with childhood illnesses, a direct minimalistic approach works best. If your child has a cold, stomachache, virus or other mild infections, try to give them time to resolve on their own. They usually dissipate after a few days. Bacterial infections, such as ear infection and strep throat, can also get better without any help. Nevertheless, there are instances when the immune system can get over-loaded and internal failure to fight diseases can occur within antibodies. For these cases, pediatricians treat children with antibiotics.

There is also an option to immunize your child. Although it is not a simple approach, it can work very well for a child that is effected by infections on a regular basis. Immunization has a great potential to boost your child’s immunity. Introducing vaccines into your child’s system will allow a weakened version of pathogen to enter the body which will promote a certain immune response that will become active against the viruses and bacteria. Most people argue that the immunity provided by vaccines is not long-term, permanent or similar to natural immunity. In some ways that is quite true. But it is better than getting sick which is when your body’s natural immunity kicks in. Immunization is one of the most effective tool to boost your child’s immune system and to eliminate them from being exposed or effected by life-threatening infections and diseases.

Most of the time your child’s immune system is working just fine and they are just getting infected again and again by being exposed to viruses and bacteria in the daycare facility or school. The immune system is working just fine and is just taking a break from fighting infections all year long. It is advised to adopt healthier habits and teaching your kids the importance of preventive measures and focusing on simpler methods and direct teaching approach by teaching them to wash hands before and after eating, getting a good night’s sleep and eating healthy diet. Moreover, boosting the immune system of an infant is easier than a toddler or older child as breastfeeding is the best immunization tool and can prevent a plethora of serious infections.

If you think that your child has a serious problem regarding their immune system, talk to your pediatrician. For more information, contact us today and let us help you gain an in-depth knowledge for maintaining your child’s health.

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