Everyone deals with a sore throat from time to time. While this condition is annoying, many people feel it’s nothing to worry about. Although common conditions like colds and sinus infections can cause soreness, strep throat might also be the culprit. As compared to adults, children are more vulnerable to strep throat exposure, and therefore, it is good to have a strep test to identify the conditions.

Symptoms of Strep Throat

Strep throat can be challenging to diagnose because many of its symptoms are similar to other conditions that circulate during cold and flu season. Fever, throat pain and difficulty swallowing are all common symptoms. Some signs that are unique to strep include swollen lymph nodes and red, swollen tonsils that often have white patches on them.

What increases exposure to strep throat

The chances of being infected by Strep throat increases when children get exposed to others in the surrounding with a similar infection. The younger children are at a higher risk of catching the disease when adults kiss them. Furthermore, when kids in the house touch infected droplets spread by someone with the infection they tend to get affected. The most reliable way to identify and then prevent a strep throat is by going for a strep test.

Why a Strep Test Matters

It’s essential to get a strep test if you have a sore throat that is not healing on its own. Because strep throat is a bacterial infection, you will need to go on antibiotics to treat the illness. Strep throat is challenging to treat without antibiotics. It can also progress into more serious conditions like rheumatic fever if not treated.

Strep Tests at Pediatric Health Care

If you are struggling with a sore throat, call Pediatric Health Care on (281) 655-1500 or (936) 539-8190. Our team can diagnose strep throat with a simple and painless strep test. Regardless of the cause of the sore throat, we will be able to treat the condition so your child can get back to his/her happy life.

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