Make sure your system meets the prerequisites for running WSL 2. You need advanced virtualization features, such as snapshots and load balancing. You want to manage the operating system, applications, and resources. Surender Kumar has more than twelve years of experience in server and network administration. His fields of interest are Windows Servers, Active Directory, PowerShell, web servers, networking, Linux, virtualization, and penetration testing. Next, you’ll need to enable the Virtualization Machine Platform.

  • Windows 11 is the next major version of the Windows operating system that Microsoft has just released.
  • Another quibble I have with the new Start menu is it’s harder to get to the All Apps view than in Windows 10.
  • CPU access—each partition has partial access to the CPU.

Snagit captures everything visible in the window and creates a single image that you can edit. Screenshots are great to grab images from web pages, capture desktop applications, and create program how-tos. All you can really do with an image captured in Snipping Tool is mark it up with a pen, highlight it, and erase marks you’ve made. The default view of Windows 10 Snip & SketchNext to the New button there’s an arrow that will allow you to take a snip with a time delay of three or 10 seconds.

Goodbye, Bloatware! How to Remove All Preinstalled Crapware from Window 10

We know Android apps will eventually be integrated into the OS using Intel’s Bridge Technology, but this isn’t ready at launch. We’ll update this review once the functionality arrives. Pressing the icon brings up a transparent left pain filled with information pertinent to your interests. I had been tracking NFL games to see how my Fantasy players were performing so it made sense that my Widgets window revealed some of the latest scores. And the weather section gave me a friendly reminder that living in Austin means wearing sunscreen in October. I love that I can quickly glimpse at this info or browse deeper if something catches my attention.

As mentioned before, the requirements necessary for an update from Windows 10 to Windows 11 are significant and strictly enforced. It is quite possible that your perfectly good Windows 10 PC that is only a few years old will not meet the criteria. To know for sure, check the Windows Update screen under System Settings. Since I primarily use my laptop when it is plugged in, I want it to provide me with as much performance as possible. To get the most standard performance in Windows 11, navigate to the Power & Battery section of the System Settings app and change the Power mode setting to Best Performance, as shown in Figure H.

He had to reinstall the drivers to get them working again. Other testers on our team have seen some small bugs, like disappearing buttons, and the Mail app’s side panel outright vanishing at one point. Not bad on the whole—we’ve come a long way from the super crashy days of Windows 95 And since Microsoft has promised to support Windows 10 with updates and security patches through 2025, there’s no rush to upgrade. Windows 11 is Microsoft’s vision for the future of PC operating systems, and in general it’s a simpler, more streamlined and more secure spin on Windows 10. If you don’t meet the minimum hardware requirements or have tuned your PC to excel at one specific application , you might want to steer clear for a while longer.

How to take a screenshot of the entire screen in Windows 10

Rarely do i require a straight screenshot, so im more than happy to continue using my favorite, Fscapsure. Right-click on the OneDrive icon in the Windows system tray, and select Settings from the context menu that opens. Windows will bring up the Properties window for the selected Screenshot folder. The Windows button + letter E key combination is useful here. Here, we will describe some procedures that deliver changes that can improve your experience with screenshots in Windows 10. From the list of preset sounds, you have to select your preferred tune for the screenshot sound.

Fix 0x800706BE error for Windows Update, Xbox or Printer on Windows 11/10

The Nirmala UI font has been updated to improve how characters are displayed. Support for accessing the Linux file system when they are not natively supported in Windows. WSL can now be installed with thewsl -installcommand and updated withwsl -update. Many new touch gestures have been added, they mostly match the default Precision Touchpad multi-finger gestures. The dropdown to change the way Search is displayed on the taskbar has been replaced with a toggle for whether to show the button or not.

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