Every child has at least once eaten something way too hot to handle. Burning the roof of the mouth or tongue is a pretty common occurrence during hasty eating. We all can get the urge to eat our favorites regardless of their temperature, especially during festive seasons, isn’t it? There is not much control on the dinner table with kids. This has happened before, and it will probably repeat. So, read this piece to know how to heal a burnt tongue with ease.

There are typically two types of tongue burns, thermal burns from heat due to hot food or beverages, and second is chemical burns. Mostly, one suffers from a burnt tongue because of the former. The burn can be of different degrees and appear as small bumps on the tongue.

9 Ways to Heal a Burnt Tongue

It is not known by many but heat can very well continue to burn the tongue long after its disconnection from the original burn source. Therefore, it is essential to cool down the tongue for adequate period for proper healing. Here’s how to heal a burnt tongue in 9 effective ways.

    • Cool The Tongue

It is a natural instinct to immediately go for cooling the tongue, which is honestly the best thing to do. Grab some ice chips and drink ice-cold water for prompt relief. The sooner you do this, the better; it will stop the heat from piercing inside the tongue tissues and aid in getting rid of pain.
Additionally, drinking cold water will keep you hydrated, indicating saliva production, which will heal the burnt tongue tissue and protect it from bacteria.

    • Avoid Irritants

Consumption of foods or drinks that would aggravate the issue further is not advised. Hot drinks, spicy food, and alcohol are some of the irritants to steer clear off to heal a burnt tongue effectively. They will not only increase pain but also slow down the healing time.

    • Do not Brush Your Tongue

Brushing your tongue is a regular part of your oral regime, but it is best to stop doing it. The brushing effect will slow down the healing process of the burnt tongue tissues, followed by irritation and pain.

    • Consume Milk Products

It is seen that a coating of milk or related products serves as a soothing, protective barrier for the burnt tongue giving a cooling effect.

    • Saltwater solution

Saltwater solutions work for various mouth injuries, just like burnt tongue, and aids to heal the mouth. It acts as an antibacterial and provides symptomatic relief. Take half a teaspoon of salt and dissolve it in one glass of cold water. Gulp a portion of the solution and swish, swirl spit. Repeat for at least three times a day.

    • Topical anesthetic

If the pain is unbearable, you can resort to over the counter topical anesthetics that will help numb the tongue, for relief. Oral gels are popularly used for numbing sores or tooth roots but can work well on a burnt tongue as well.

    • OTC Pain killers

Taking medicines orally will help in prompt pain relief. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are two such examples.

    • Honey

Honey is in used to heal burnt organs like the tongue or roof of the mouth etc., for a very long time. It not only soothes the aching taste buds but also promotes a faster healing process.

    • Use of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known to accentuate the healing process of the tissues; using 1000 IU liquid capsules on the burnt tongue area aids in the healing process.


A burnt tongue is easy to deal with when it is caused by food. With the remedies above and careful observation, the healing process will be completed in no time. However, in case of chemical or deep burns, it is wise to get medical attention for your child’s wellbeing. Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston PA is one of the best options to go to if you are near Houston or Conroe. Call now at (281) 655 1500 Houston or (936) 539 8190 Conroe for fixing an appointment.

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