Hiccups can be irritating for adults and can also trouble babies and children. If your baby seems disturbed, here are some tips to help get rid of the hiccups.

  • Burp your infant
  • Give your baby a pacifier
  • Try gripe water
  • Let the hiccups go on their own

Burp your baby

Stop the feeding for a while and burp your baby to get rid of the hiccups. Burping can help eliminate extra gas that may be the reason behind hiccups.

Burping is also good for babies as it keeps them in a straight position. You should not only help your baby burp after feeding him/her with a bottle but do that often during the feeding.

A useful tip for parents to get rid of baby hiccups: Gently pat the back of your baby when they’re experiencing hiccups. Don’t apply too much pressure or hit hard.

Give your baby a pacifier

The cause of hiccups isn’t always feeding. If your baby has hiccups without any feeding, give them a pacifier to suck on. This can help eliminate the hiccups.

Try gripe water

If your baby is uncomfortable due to hiccups, you can give them gripe water. It contains water and herbs that may help ease intestinal issues, in return relieving the hiccups.

But before trying anything new for your baby, always consult your baby’s doctor.

Let the hiccups go on their own

If your baby is under 12 months of age, he or she will hiccup frequently, so letting the hiccups go on their own is the best idea. Don’t worry much; mostly, the hiccups will eradicate themselves.

If the hiccups are not disturbing your baby, let them be and finish on their own.

If you haven’t done anything and the hiccups of your baby aren’t stopping, visit a pediatrician or consult over a call. There are very few chances, but hiccups can indicate a serious health problem.

How to avoid hiccups?

Here are a few ways that can help avoid hiccups and also promote good digestion.

  • Make sure your baby is calm when you feed them. This means not waiting until your baby is so hungry that they’re upset and crying before their feeding begins. Ensure the baby is playful when it’s time to feed. This simply means that you should feed them before they get too hungry and start crying.
  • After feeding your baby, avoid bouncing them upwards or downwards.
  • Keep your little one in an upright position for at least half an hour after feeding.

When should you be worried about your baby’s hiccups?

If your infant experiences a lot of hiccups, and it irritates them, you should talk to your doctor. There may be other underlying issues.

Also, consult your doctor if the hiccups are compromising your child’s sleep, or the hiccups continue even after your baby turns one.

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