Your toddler may find it difficult to sleep around the different stages of development, leading to 18-months sleep regression or 2-year-old sleep regression. This article will explain what causes sleep regression and what you can do so your toddler sleeps better.

During the first few months after birth, your child may sleep peacefully, giving you a sigh of relief. But as soon as they are about to turn two, they may suffer from a sleep regression.

What is Sleep Regression?

Some common symptoms of 2-year-old sleep regression include refusing to go to bed, disturbed sleep causing your child to wake up during the middle of the night, or nap resistance. These issues result from natural growth or stress due to routine alterations. At this stage, toddlers start feeling independent, and they try to control anything they can, including their sleep routine.

How Long Does 2-Year-Old Sleep Regression Last?

The exact occurrence time for sleep regression is different for each child. This condition doesn’t last for very long and will go away in 1 to 3 weeks. Soon your restless child will stop waking up in the middle of the night and start sleeping peacefully.

How to Handle Toddler Sleep Regression

Whether your toddler has 18-month-old sleep regression, 2-year-old sleep regression, or 3-year-old sleep regression, the tips explained below will help your child enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The Problem: Your Child Delays Bedtime

Your child will start feeling some power and authority at this age, and they’ll try to use it in any way they can. They may demand a story or something to eat just to delay the bedtime.

Tips to Help:

If your child is habitual of listening to a bedtime story or taking a bath before sleep, make minor changes to this routine, so it makes your child happy. Try to give them some authority, like letting them choose the color of pajamas or a choice in a bedtime story.

The Problem: Your Toddler Escapes the Bed

If your toddler sleeps on an open bed, they may try to make night walks or jump into your bed to feel the freedom.

Tips to Help:

Whenever your toddler comes to your bed, take them back to their room. Failing to do so will put an idea in their mind, and they’ll come back with every chance they get. Install crib bars, so your baby doesn’t get out of their zone. You can also set sensors on your child’s room door, which will indicate that your little one is on their way to you.

The Problem: Your Toddler is Scared of Sleeping

At this age, the imagination of toddlers is at its peak, and it can disturb their sleep. They may feel scared, maybe due to monsters or insects, and want a parent to sit close to them.

Tips to Help:

Don’t make your child believe that they are wrong by denying their imagination. Make them feel that you understand their fears and are present to help them. It will calm down and they will feel safe.


We know that 2-year-old sleep regression isn’t easy for you, but it’s a common experience for a child that will get better with time.

If your child has disturbed sleep, wakes up at midnight, or gets up too early, it’s important to address any underlying issues. If you’re anxious about this problem, our doctors can help.

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