As per health and travel set by the World Health Organization, you must get the Yellow Fever Vaccine if you are traveling to any yellow fever risk countries. You will be required to show your International certificate of vaccination when you enter the specific country hence always keep it with you. Also, remember that the certificate is a card printed in yellow.

The card’s layout might differ based on the region you get the certificate from, but they all must comply with WHO regulations. For example;

  • It is a must to fill in all fields in English or French. If required, you will have to get the certificate filled in an additional language too.
  • Ensure the medical person signs and stamps the certificate.
  • If there is any sort of amendment or if anything has been erased or is incomplete on the certificate, the certificate will become invalid.
  • Every individual has their certificate.
  • The validity of this certificate is a lifetime from 10 days after the date of vaccination. In case you are to receive the vaccination again within the ten years time period from the original date of vaccination, the certificate is now valid from revaccination.

Upon receiving your vaccine certificate, double-check for all the details.

Make sure you do not miss out on essential points, as it can make your certificate invalid.

  • Both your name and passport number should be as per your passport.
  • The medical person fills out all mandatory fields.
  • The medical person has signed and stamped the certificate.
  • There are no amendments or erasures on the certificate.

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