Everywhere you look you see information about how breastfeeding leads to healthy children. There is no doubt breastfeeding is wonderful, but you can absolutely raise a healthy baby without breastfeeding. Many women raise incredibly happy, healthy babies by feeding them formula or alternative options.


Can We Really Raise Healthy Children Without Breastfeeding?

The simple answer is yes, we can raise perfectly healthy children without breastfeeding. Simple formulas, organic formulas, dairy-free formulas and more are all healthy alternatives to breastfeeding that provide all the necessary nutrients your baby needs to thrive.

There are many reasons women choose alternatives to breastfeeding. All those reasons have one thing in common.They are all deeply personal. Due to advocacy and education, finding information teaching all the benefits of breastfeeding is readily available. Unfortunately, too often the implication is breastfeeding is the only healthy way to feed your baby.

Women raise wonderfully healthy, vibrant bottle-fed babies for many reasons. Some reasons are health related and the women have no other option. Sometimes the reasons are work related, yet some women make the choice to bottle feed for their own personal decisions. The point is, you don’t need to worry that your baby can’t be healthy without breast milk.


Formula Has Nutrients Healthy Children Need to Grow

Feeding your baby formula specifically formulated for his or her every need is a completely healthy option. Formulas come in many options including

  • Cow’s milk formulas- Most formulas are made from cow’s milk. They are typically fortified with iron.
  • Soy based formulas- When parents choose to avoid animal proteins or when babies cannot properly digest cow’s milk formulas, soy-based formulas are often a healthy, viable option.
  • Hypoallergenic formulas- These are most often used for babies who have some allergy issues and need the particles of the formula broken down to very basic components.
  • Specialized formulas-Such as those developed for premature babies.


The Health Factor Bottle-fed and Breastfed Babies Can Share

One of the most important things you can give your baby is a secure, loving attachment and environment.The physical and emotional bonding that occurs as you hold and feed your precious child is one of the strongest life foundations you can give as a parent. This bonding is just as deep and just as natural when a baby is bottle-fed. Your baby will thrive as he or she absorbs the comforts of your physical touch and loving words while you hold them during meals.


Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston Helps You Raise Healthy Children

Here at Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston, we have one goal- to help you raise healthy children. We know you have a lot of questions and there is a lot of conflicting information out there. When you join our healthcare family, your baby’s health is our primary concern. We will work with you so you can choose the best health options for your child. Call us today to schedule your appointment with one of Houston’s finest pediatricians.

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