The American lifestyle has wreaked havoc on all of society, but it has truly had an adverse impact on our children. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high. There was a time that when kids were awake they were only in the house for meals, chores and homework. Otherwise they were outside enjoying the fresh air playing games like kickball or tag, riding their bikes or exploring the world around them. They were not glued to the TV and there was no such thing as video games. At that time healthy children were abundant because they lived active lives and healthy foods were a staple of the family diet.

Fast forward to the new millennium, the Age of Information and the super-sedentary lifestyle. Kids and adults spend hours in front of a screen. Many once-healthy children have turned into obese adults and their children are nowhere near as healthy as they could be. Over-processed foods are now family staples because of their convenience and affordability. Fast food is not a treat as much as a necessity because of hectic schedules.

You Are What You Eat

While this saying has spawned a variety of humorous jokes, there is some truth in it. Research is finding that the overly processed foods of the American diet are producing health issues at an unprecedented rate. There are more food allergies than ever before. People of all ages are experiencing a wide variety of health problems that can be linked back to the foods they consume and the chemicals in those foods.

On the other hand, those who eat healthy foods find themselves feeling better and looking better than before. Many people are now turning their backs on foods that have been genetically manipulated and those that have ingredients whose names can barely be pronounced. Many families have decided to grow their own foods. Even apartment dwellers are finding ways of growing food on their balconies and patios.

Healthy Children Need Healthy Food to Stay That Way

Organic foods are becoming more and more popular, but they are still expensive; and face it, some of your favorite foods are not easily found in organic versions. So how do you feed your kids healthy foods if you can’t afford a diet of organic fare?

A good place to start is on the internet. Educate yourself about food. Some foods you will have to decide about whether or not to continue including them in your diet. Others will be negotiable and some you will want to buy organic whenever you can. As an example, almost all wheat has been genetically altered. It will be difficult to avoid wheat products that do not have GMOs. You may decide to cut down on your children’s wheat intake or you may decide to eliminate it all together. Be advised that wheat shows up in all types of processed foods.

Just about everyone in America knows about the ravages of sugar. What they may not be aware of is how pervasive it is in our food supply. Hardly any food you pick up is without sugar. Monitoring your kids’ sugar intake is a must for healthy children.

Making the Decision for Health

Fortunately the decision to eat healthy does not mean a table full of boring and bland meals. You have access to an unlimited supply of healthy food recipes on the internet. You can even find recipes that kids can make on their own. Giving the kids an opportunity to help in the kitchen and assist you in finding fun-to-make recipes with healthy ingredients will help them buy into the new plan for healthy living. Your healthy children will build a foundation for living healthy lives with your help.

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