Choosing pediatric care is a major decision for any parent, and exceedingly more so when it comes to finding a qualified pediatrician for your special needs child. When a child has a social, behavioral or developmental need, a medical professional with specialty training in that area can offer help beyond typical pediatric care. Board certified pediatricians with such training can assess your child to determine what, if any, developmental concerns exist, and coordinate his or her care accordingly.

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician

A qualified pediatrician who specializes in working with special needs kids is known as a developmental behavioral pediatrician (DBP). A DBP evaluates your child’s health beyond the scope of general pediatrics. Developmental aspects such as cognitive and motor skills, social interaction, language skills, and emotional development. A developmental assessment will facilitate an approach that is focused on your child’s special needs.

Choosing the Right DBP for Your Child

If you think your child may need developmental help, ask your child’s health care provider for a referral to a DBP. Talk to one of our experienced and caring staff at Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston about your concerns. We can help you with referrals and resources that will get you in touch with the qualified pediatrician who is best suited to your child. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has one such resource where you may search qualified pediatricians in your area by medical specialty.

Find a qualified pediatrician with experience in the developmental areas that match your child’s needs. Visit prospective doctors at their practice, see if your child is comfortable in that environment and responds positively to the staff. If your child’s developmental disability requires coordinated care with other doctors or therapists, your DBP should have a working relationship with care givers in the applicable developmental areas.

At PHNH, we continually evolve as a provider of your child’s healthcare. Our network of clinics in the Northwest Houston region offers cutting edge medical technology for optimal pediatric care. We accept a wide range of insurance providers, and offer Saturday scheduling for your convenience. Additionally, our team of practitioners are affiliated with nine area hospitals to ensure the very best care for your child’s every medical need, from birth to age 18.

Call us to schedule a consultation at any of our four locations. We will do all we can to give your child the developmental pediatric care he/she requires, and help you choose a qualified pediatrician you and your child will love.

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