It is important that your child has the best medical care available. While, to some, this may seem out of reach, quality care for children can be had if you know what to look for. There are family doctors, general practitioners (GPs) and pediatricians. Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in children and the ailments that affect them. There are some differences between the three, but any of them can provide the quality care your child deserves.

Choosing the Right Doctor

Deciding between a family doctor, a GP, and a pediatrician doesn’t have to be difficult. Each doctor goes through medical training. Family doctors and pediatricians have additional training specific to their specialties. Additional training for the family doctor allows for a holistic view of patients, taking the entire family into consideration. Family doctors are trained to treat all members of a family from infants to the elderly.

The pediatrician also has extensive training beyond medical school and residency, that is exclusively devoted to the study of children’s issues and diseases. A child who is usually taken care of by a GP or family doctor may be referred to a pediatrician if the primary care doctor feels such care is necessary. Some parents choose to start their child with a pediatrician, and the child stays with that doctor until adulthood.

What Does Quality Care for Children Look Like?

For the most part, kids see the doctor for checkups, annual physicals, and the occasional cold or virus. When it’s time to visit the doctor, you want your child to feel comfortable and welcome. Not only does your doctor need to have the necessary medical training and licensing, ideally, he or she will also have a great bedside manner, to put your little one at ease.

A doctor who is providing quality care for children communicates openly and clearly with parents. You should never feel like you are being talked down to. Quality care means the doctor listens to you and explains things with patience and understanding. It also means the doctor takes time to get to know you and your child and is willing to develop a trusting relationship with you.

When you have a doctor who provides quality care for children, you have a doctor in whom you can confide and have the confidence your child’s wellbeing is of great concern. Such a doctor also keeps up with continuing education and is in the know about new developments in the pediatric field.

At Pediatric Healthcare, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality care for children. Our focus is on keeping kids healthy and happy. If you are looking for exceptional care for your child, give us a call at Pediatric Healthcare. Find out what the best in quality care for children really looks like.

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