There is a distinct difference between nurses and nurse practitioners. Although the former is highly trained and a medical professional, the latter has even more training, experience and authority. A nurse practitioner can also provide diagnosis and make necessary referrals for more severe medical conditions.

A pediatric practice that employs nurse practitioners aims to provide a higher level of care for children. The reason practices hire nurse practitioners is to provide patients with a more professional service, regardless of the type of appointment.

What are the Benefits?

When your child is provided care by a nurse practitioner, the need for a second appointment with the child’s pediatrician is not usually necessary. Through the services of an NP, the medical needs of your child are addressed more quickly. A nurse practitioner also lightens the workload of your child’s pediatrician, so you are guaranteed a better quality of service during your child’s regular check-ups.

A nurse practitioner also has much more medical knowledge, qualifications and experience. When your child is examined by a nurse practitioner, they are under the care of someone with extensive knowledge of medicine, who knows how to best refer any medical conditions.

Can I Still Speak with a Pediatrician?

Although nurse practitioners are not pediatricians, they can diagnose and refer patients. However, if you do have further concerns, you can arrange an appointment with your child’s pediatrician. Nurse practitioners are there to ensure that your child receives only the most expert care.

Your child may be seen by a nurse practitioner during a scheduled appointment. However, he or she will immediately notify the child’s pediatrician if they suspect there are any serious medical issues needing attention.

Is the practice of Hiring Nurse Practitioners Standard?

No; most general practitioners only hire nurses, as nurse practitioners demand a higher salary. However, it is important to remember that hiring more qualified personnel can help a practice provide a higher level of service, thus offsetting any expenditure.

Nurses have their rightful place in the medical profession; however, there are some functions they cannot perform due to training or legal restrictions. As a business dedicated to providing our patients with the best care possible, we feel that having a team of qualified nurse practitioners on staff can only enhance our patient offerings.

Our costs are further offset by the quick and efficient care that we provide, which only serves to enhance the medical treatment and advice we offer to our loyal customers. With a team of nurse practitioners on board, we are confident that each and every patient is treated with the respect and consideration that they deserve.

If you believe we are the kind of healthcare provider who could offer your children the highest level of care, contact us today to arrange the first appointment. We can provide you with a family block appointment so you can meet the team and discover what we are all about.

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