Dear Parents, Patients, and Family Members:
Thank you for being a part of the Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston Family!
As always, the health, wellness and safety of every member of our family is of our utmost priority. The spread of COVID19 cases in the greater Houston community has raised anxiety, questions, and the need for support and guidance from trusted healthcare providers. We want to assure you that each of our medical facilities have always adhered to the universal guidelines and recommendations set by the American Board of Pediatrics and the Texas Pediatric Society.

Further, in response to the community spread of the COVID19 pandemic, we are taking the following precautions to ensure that every child, every parent, and every family member remains healthy and strong. We ask every member to remain sensitive to symptoms and signs that have been highlighted through official sources.

All our medical facilities will remain open until further notice.

  • When scheduling appointments, parents will be asked certain questions pertaining to their own and their child’s travels, persons of contact, and COVID19 symptoms.
  • If the waiting room exceeds CDC recommendations and all our examination rooms are full, we will request you to wait in your car until we can bring you to an examination room. In accordance with CDC recommendations, we can only limit one legal parent or guardian into the examination room with one child. Please plan for child care for any child(ren) not being seen during this visit.
  • Any parents that would like to reschedule appointments can do so via phone without being charged a cancellation/ no show penalty. We kindly request that you do so in advance to better accommodate other patients.
  • We are willing to issue school absence letters of 14 days for students for whom quarantine is advised.
  • All your COVID19 questions, queries, anxieties, and uncertainties regarding your child(ren) can be addressed to our office at (281) 655 1500. Everyday, our team is striving to ease your mind and ensure your child’s well being
  • As of 03/20/2020, we will begin to operate a virtual pediatric home along with the operation of all 4 physical medical homes. For more information regarding our telemedicine practice, please click here or call our office at (281) 655 1500.
These precautions will remain in effect until further notice, and we will continue to send updates as we receive future guidelines and recommendations from our government agencies. We, at Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston have always committed ourselves in providing the best healthcare services to our parents and patients and are deeply grateful to all of you for cooperation, support, and trust. While, we all have many concerns about this virus; the best we can do to ensure our well being is to minimize our possible risk of exposure. We are confident that these measures and adjustments will not cause unnecessary delays in treatment time or compromise our promise of visit quality. Together, let’s ensure a healthier and stronger environment for our community.
Thank you!

The Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston Team!

For updates and references, we encourage you to turn to official sources. The following are given for your reference:

Covid vaccine now available