If you are experiencing some unusual changes in your child’s routine, like at night, he is up after every hour or is having difficulty in hearing, something is wrong. There is a chance of ear infection. Check if his ears feel hot or red. Look for the area where it is paining; also check if some fluid is coming out. Visit the Pediatric Healthcare immediately if you observe any such symptoms.

Ear infection in children 

Ear infection in children is a common illness. It can happen at any time but cause a lot of discomfort in the child. Various treatments are available to treat such infections. The disease is caused by the bacteria which act on the fluid and infect it. In kids, an ear infection is more common as their canal, which connects ear space to the nasal cavity, is narrow and short. Therefore the infected fluid is trapped, and the area becomes infected.

Acute ear infection  

Different types of ear infections are there. Few show symptoms in children by making them sick; however, others don’t. An acute ear infection is a type which can lead to temporary hearing loss. The disease can be painful, as the fluid which is present in the ear behind the eardrum is not draining correctly. The Pediatric Healthcare provider will treat the infection returning the proper hearing power.

Chronic ear infection

Another type is the chronic ear infection in children. It is a serious concern as it can lead to permanent ear damage. The problem arises due to disease and swelling in the ear, which does not go and keep returning. If your child has any such repetitive infections, discuss the problem with the healthcare provider, and get treatments. The ear is a vital part of your child’s body, take care of it.

So next time, your child complains of fever, or his ears feel hot or have an upper respiratory infection, get the best possible treatment from Pediatric Health Care. The cranky and irritable mood of your child can also be a sign of ear infection. You can also call on 281-655-1500 and 936-539-8190 and schedule your appointment.

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