It is a source of joy to see your little one grow. But as the child grows, he/she at times becomes extremely cranky, and you might not even know the reason for it. But have you ever considered blaming baby formula? Though formula food is nutritious, it does not suit every child, and your child may develop formula allergy rash. Your baby will show some symptoms if the culprit is the formula food.


Formula allergy means that the immune system of your child reacts to the milk. The following symptoms will be visible in case of allergy:

Skin reaction

If your child is allergic to formula he/she may have skin reactions such as red itchy patches on mouth and mouth and lips may also swell. A child may also develop swelling around the eyes. Some children may also develop red bumps on the skin.


After the consumption of formula milk, your child’s abdomen will bloat. A common sign of this is the child releases the gas more than usual.


It is heartbreaking to see a child‘s food returning from stomach to mouth. But when a child develops formula allergy, he/she may not be able to hold food in the stomach.

The appearance of allergy symptoms

Allergy symptoms usually appear in the first few weeks to the first two months. However, if your child is sensitive, the symptoms may be visible at a much early stage as well. The formula allergy rash on your baby’s skin might take various forms. Some rashes may be itchy, while others may secrete fluid or would be crusty.

It is essential to get your baby checked as soon as you notice the symptoms of allergy as if the allergy goes untreated, it might become a cause of concern for the parents. Therefore, take your child to Pediatric Health Care and get the best possible treatment for your child’s formula rash.

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