Dear parents, we know how hard it is to make your child eat healthy food. All of us pediatricians always tell parents that healthy food is the best way to ensure that their child’s development goes smoothly. We still keep seeing parents who give their children unhealthy snacks. The big problem is that often it is hard to get children to eat an adequate amount of food. When you kid runs around all day, you are happy that they are even bothering to eat when you ask them to.

We, as adults, have a much more developed palette and sense of healthy eating than children. If you try to give your kid a kale drink you aren’t going to succeed at all. Do keep in mind that by healthy foods we do not mean foods that are low in calories; kids do not need to be worried too much about calories as long as you give them the right portions. Kids are very active and run around all day, thus there isn’t really an issue for them if they have a beef burger or pizza.

Milk Shakes

Kids love ice cream and milk shakes. The problem with most ice creams available in stores these days is that it isn’t really ice cream because it doesn’t contain milk which is why they are marked as frozen desserts. It cannot be called ice cream because the lack of dairy makes it misleading. Do keep in mind that milk shakes can be very unhealthy too; most of the milk shakes you get from fast food joints and cafes are packed with HFCS and other harmful ingredients.

Start making milk shakes at home and use only healthy ingredients. Simply add milk and some fruits and you will be good to go. Want to make a chocolate milk shake? Use butter chocolate and add a little quantity of it instead of chocolate milk powder which contains too much sugar. Your kids will love the milk shakes and they will get lots of energy at the same time.


Making a perfect pizza at home is not an easy task but making simple pizzas for kids is easier than you think. Children love pizza and you should love pizzas as well; they are like a Trojan horse for vegetables. If you really want the kids to love the food have them choose the topping for pizza and tell them vegetables are a necessity for pizza. If you are making them at home then you can be sure that you are using healthy ingredients.


Soft drinks are not good for the health of your child. Getting your kid addicted to soft drinks is the easiest way to ensure that your child will have dental problems and obesity issues. Kids love drinking sweet things; instead of giving them soft drinks, give them juices whenever you can. Most of the store brought juices contain loads of preservatives and sugars so the best option is to get some fruit and make the juice at home. Juice is delicious so your kids will love it, while at the same time juices are packed with nutrition.

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