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Suffering from earache and headache

June 15, 2020

Earache and headache are common problems many of us face. Usually, headaches or migraines show symptoms like nausea, surrounding dust and pollution, stress, and other factors. However, Sinusitis, ear, and throat infection, also lead to severe headaches. Almost all age groups undergo earache and headache but treating it is necessary to continue the healthy routine life. … Continue reading “Suffering from earache and headache”

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Why does my child’s ear feel hot and he is up all night

May 15, 2020

If you are experiencing some unusual changes in your child’s routine, like at night, he is up after every hour or is having difficulty in hearing, something is wrong. There is a chance of ear infection. Check if his ears feel hot or red. Look for the area where it is paining; also check if … Continue reading “Why does my child’s ear feel hot and he is up all night”

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Why You Should Never Ignore a Child’s Earache

June 15, 2019

Just about every child develops an earache once in a while. It can be a very painful experience, leading to a great deal of crying and screaming. This is a common problem among children, but it could mean that something serious is going on. Here’s some information on the most typical cause of childhood earaches, … Continue reading “Why You Should Never Ignore a Child’s Earache”

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Ear Infection 101: Here Is What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You

August 15, 2016

Most pediatricians claim that before noon, they see at least one case of ear infection. In fact, most children suffer from an ear infection at least once before their 3rd birthday. Ear infection is also known as Acute Otitis Media and is one of the primary diagnoses of pediatricians. Here are some best kept secrets … Continue reading “Ear Infection 101: Here Is What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You”

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