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Are you having neck pain when swallowing food?

Many of us experience pain in the neck routinely. Usually, wrong sleeping positions, body movements, or injury can cause it; besides, overwork or few activities can also lead to back and neck pain. Children and adults sometimes have neck pain when swallowing; reasons...

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Throat and neck pain in children

As children having injuries or bruises is common. It is a part of playtime or a quarrel they did with their pals. But throat and neck pain can be disturbing. The pain is due to many reasons, but proper consultation is essential. However, the pain goes in one or two...

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Suffering from earache and headache

Earache and headache are common problems many of us face. Usually, headaches or migraines show symptoms like nausea, surrounding dust and pollution, stress, and other factors. However, Sinusitis, ear, and throat infection, also lead to severe headaches. Almost all age...

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Can allergies cause migraines?

It is beautiful weather outside, kids playing in parks, and getting stuck in your bed with running nose. If such is the situation, you might be having a seasonal allergy. Many of the people have different allergies, besides, can allergies cause migraines? People who...

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Why does my child’s ear feel hot and he is up all night

If you are experiencing some unusual changes in your child’s routine, like at night, he is up after every hour or is having difficulty in hearing, something is wrong. There is a chance of ear infection. Check if his ears feel hot or red. Look for the area where it is...

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Interesting Facts about Pediatricians that Might Interest you

You often take your children to a child specialist rather than a doctor who treats an adult. Do you think there is any reason for this? A child specialist cares for the health of newborns, infants, and children and understands their needs. Pediatricians have some...

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Why Understanding Behaviors of a Newborn is Important?

Understanding the behaviors of a newborn baby is essential for his growth and development. Many argue that responding to a child every time he cries can spoil him. But this is not correct. All a newborn knows is to cry, feed, and sleep. But he requires a lot of...

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Should we Take medicine on an Empty Stomach?

We all become very cautious when something relates to our children. And when it is a matter of their health, there are no compromises or mistakes. Specifically, when doctors suggest medicine with food, we never think of taking that medicine on an empty stomach. But...

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