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How Can A Baby Be Born With Teeth? Realities of Natal Teeth

Natal teeth phenomenon might seem bizarre, but it is true. It is rare yet found in approximately 1 out of 2000 babies. The question must be lingering, how can a baby be born with teeth? Read on to find your answer. Wait up, do not think that a baby can be born with a...

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7 Easy Home Remedies for Instant UTI Relief – Explained

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common infections in women and young girls. The chances of a female getting a urinary tract infection are 30 times more than males. If your child is experiencing sudden throbbing pain in the genital area and burning...

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7 Reasons Why Your Child Coughs Up Phlegm after Eating

When it is not the season, yet your child starts coughing up phlegm after eating every meal right there on the dinner table is something that needs to be looked at. Think about it, does the mystery cough come occasionally or after every single meal? Usually, coughing...

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How To Heal A Burnt Tongue – 9 Effective Ways For You

Every child has at least once eaten something way too hot to handle. Burning the roof of the mouth or tongue is a pretty common occurrence during hasty eating. We all can get the urge to eat our favorites regardless of their temperature, especially during festive...

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Is There Any Need To Worry About The Cut On My Child’s Gums?

The gums are soft tissues that encapsulate the teeth. They are soft and very delicate and suffer from cut pretty easily. The ability of gums to get injured easily is the reason they bleed so often. Cut on the gums may lead to intense bleeding, so do not worry. It is...

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My Baby Has Tongue and Lip Tie, What Do I Do Next?

Lip and tongue tie is found in infants at birth. It is a condition in which the movement of lips and tongue is restricted. Behind your upper lip, there is a layer of tissue called the frenulum. When the membrane is too thick or overgrown in a baby, it leads to...

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Teething Baby and Runny Nose – What’s the Link?

Teething is a very excruciating time not only for your child but for yourself as well. Seeing them in constant pain is not a delightful sight. While teething is a huge milestone for your baby, it comes along with many painful symptoms. Fever, irritability and sleep...

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What Is This Cold Sore Ice Trick? How Does It Help?

Small blisters around the mouth are called cold sores or fever blisters. They are caused by a virus known as herpes simplex virus. It is contagious, spreads by touch, and is the most common issue with children. Who likes blisters on the mouth, want to get rid of them...

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Baby’s First Tooth Is Out! What to Do Next?

The struggle is real when it comes to oral hygiene. It is undoubtedly considered a foundation of health maintenance that starts as early as when the baby's first tooth comes in—so thinking about when to start brushing baby teeth? The answer is, right away! When Are We...

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