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Texans who are registered with the vaccine registry, ImmTrac2, no longer must search high and low to find vaccine records. This is very convenient when you need to have your vaccine history for school, a job, or travel. You can find your children’s complete vaccine history in one place when it comes time to enroll … Continue reading “How to Use the Vaccine Registry to Find Your Records”

Some childhood diseases have been eradicated as a result of vaccinations. Among the list of eradicated diseases are polio, smallpox malaria, and hookworm. These diseases are no longer a threat to Cy-Fairkids or any other children. They are still among the diseases for which pediatrists recommend vaccines. Some of these vaccinations are given in a … Continue reading “PediatristRecommended Vaccines for Children Under Two”

Your child is most likely your bundle of sunshine. A healthy, joy filled child brings laughter and light to parents and other loved ones. When that child isn’t feeling well and the light grows fainter in those beautiful eyes, the world grows a little dimmer. Having a qualified pediatrician available to diagnose and treat your … Continue reading “See a Qualified Pediatrician for These 3 Childhood Issues”

After your child is born, it’s only natural to want the absolute best care for him or her. Although you might think it’s more convenient for your son or daughter to see your general practitioner or just go to the urgent care whenever they are feeling sick, your kid’s doctor is crucial to their development … Continue reading “My Kid’s Doctor: A Valuable Resource for the Family”

If you gave birth a few years ago you’ll find that infant care has changed since the beginning of the last decade. It seems there are changes every year on how to keep those little bundles of joy safe and healthy. This is because research is constantly being performed and each year new information is … Continue reading “New Changes in Infant Care”

Choosing to put your child’s health care in the hands of an experienced pediatrician is a smart move. This is particularly true if your child has any health issues beyond the usual childhood ailments. Even if your child is healthy and only needs an annual physical, a pediatrician will take note of things that may … Continue reading “An Experienced Pediatrician Offers More Than a Degree”

What parent does not want the best for their child? This is particularly true when it comes to your child’s healthcare. A pediatrician has special training in matters affecting children above and beyond a regular physician. They also have training in how to treat children – not just treat them medically, but also how to … Continue reading “What to Expect from the Best Pediatricians in Houston”

Protecting the health of your child is always a top priority. Nothing is more important as a parent than ensuring your child has everything they need to grow and thrive. At Pediatric Healthcare NW, we are a premier healthcare clinic designed to protect the health of our young patients. If you are a parent in … Continue reading “The Top Reasons to Go to Pediatric Healthcare NW”

A nurse practitioner and physician assistant offer similar services and have comparable duties in a clinic setting, but each profession is slightly different. You will often see both working alongside physicians, diagnosing and treating patients in their own capacity. Here is what you need to know about what these two professions can and cannot do, … Continue reading “Nurse Practitioner Vs Physician Assistant”

It is important that your child has the best medical care available. While, to some, this may seem out of reach, quality care for children can be had if you know what to look for. There are family doctors, general practitioners (GPs) and pediatricians. Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in children and the ailments that … Continue reading “How to find a Doctor Who Provides Quality Care for Children”

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