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The advent of the technological age has affected more than just society’s knowledge base, and the way in which people do things and communicate. Our new “plugged-in” lifestyle is also affecting our posture, and it may have an especially deleterious effect on the posture of children. Technology Can Be a Pain in the Neck and … Continue reading “How Kids Develop Good Posture”

Raising healthy children is more than a notion. That is particularly true in this age of information. Years ago, most kids spent hours playing outside, ripping around,running here and there. Nowadays, more children spend time indoors “plugged-in” to all types of electronic devices. There are those who are involved in sports and other activities that … Continue reading “The 4 Must-Do’s for Raising Healthy Children”

Millions of parents across the country get that deer-in-the-headlights look when they are about to enroll their child in school, a sports program or a special class and find out they need vaccine information. At that moment, the scramble is on to find the information. Organized parents don’t have it quite as bad, but even … Continue reading “Vaccine Registry: the Best Source for Your Records”

Do you have concerns about your infant’s health? If you do, you may want to find a good pediatrist. Tomball parents may not be acquainted with this term. A pediatrist is a doctor who specializes in treating babies. In 2018, you want to give your baby the best chances of having a healthy year ahead. … Continue reading “What Tomball Babies Need in a Pediatrist in 2018”

Choosing pediatric care is a major decision for any parent, and exceedingly more so when it comes to finding a qualified pediatrician for your special needs child. When a child has a social, behavioral or developmental need, a medical professional with specialty training in that area can offer help beyond typical pediatric care. Board certified … Continue reading “How to Find a Qualified Pediatrician for a Special Needs Child”

You are not going to trust the care of your child to just anybody. The question is how can you tell if the healthcare professional attending to your child is providing the quality medical care you are expecting? Talking to other parents and finding out who they are using and what their experiences have been … Continue reading “5 Signs of Quality Medical Care for Children”

There is nothing more exciting than that new tiny life being brought into the world and changing your life forever. While it is always depicted as a time of utter joy and celebration, the prospect of caring for a new baby can also be daunting. This tiny person is now dependent on you for everything … Continue reading “Infant Care Tips for the New Mom”

Every child is unique. Parents understand this. Even parents of identical twins will tell you how incredibly different those kids are from each other.  An experienced pediatrician realizes the uniqueness of every child. Though he or she may not be able to pinpoint the differences immediately, they instinctively know they are there, and they take … Continue reading “Experienced Pediatrician Realizes Each Child’s Uniqueness”

Choosing to take your child to a pediatrician for health care is a wise decision. Pediatricians have additional training in conditions specific to children from infancy to late teens. When it comes to your child’s health, you want to make sure your child is being seen by one of the best pediatricians in Houston. So … Continue reading “The Best Pediatricians in Houston Do These Four Things”

Your child’s health is always a priority and protecting them against the flu and other potentially deadly diseases is important. The flu shot is one of the best options for protecting your child during the influenza season, which usually begins in October or November. Since some children require two doses, September or the beginning of … Continue reading “Time for Flu Shots at Pediatric Healthcare NW Houston”

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