COVID-19 is life-threatening at present and has struck the whole world. However, the arriving winter months will invite another illness known as pneumonia. Both children and adults have chances of getting the disease unless they are vaccinated. Pneumonia is dangerous, but the vaccine saves a life. Pneumonia has many types and spreads by bacteria and viruses. Kids who receive vaccinations are on a safe side. As it is an excellent defense against illness, mild pneumonia 13 vaccine side effects are controllable. But the major ones need consideration.

The symptoms of pneumonia are similar to COVID-19, though only a few differences exist. Pneumonia is the infection in the lungs. The patient stays ill for a few weeks and is on medications. Vaccine plays its role by providing the defense and reducing the severity of the illness. Two types of vaccines are available for pneumonia. The pneumonia 13 vaccine is for children and infants. However, the other type is given to over two years or to adults who have crossed the age of 65.

Pneumonia 13 vaccine side effects

The symptoms of this vaccine vary from mild to severe. Mild side effects are swelling and redness at the place of the shot, along with some pain. Or you can get a mild fever, headache, reduced appetite, or feeling of tiredness. The effects are not severe and will heal with time. However, when it comes to crucial side effects, we have to take extra care. Although it occurs rarely, but affects people who have different allergies. The significant side effects are;

  • Being short of breath and facing difficulty while breathing or a faster heartbeat.
  • Feeling drowsy as if you will faint
  • Skin becomes wet and moist, and there is a feeling of anxiety and confusion most of the time.

If any of these symptoms appear, it is better to talk to your healthcare advisor immediately.

Pneumonia 13 vaccine side effects in babies 

Apart from elders, the dosage of the pneumonia 13 vaccine differs in babies. When the baby turns two months, he gets the first dose. The next will follow in six months, and then between 12 to fifteen months. There is a possibility that a baby shows few side effects each time after the vaccine shot. Mild fever, swelling, and redness in the shot area, reduced appetite, sleeping issues, and irritability are few common side effects in babies. Contact the pediatric healthcare clinic if the conditions persist for a longer time.

Who will get the vaccine? 

The vaccine reduces the severity of pneumonia, and the following individuals can get it;

  • An infant who is younger than two years of age and adults over the age of 65
  • Those whose immune system is weak and are suffering from chronic health conditions and heart diseases. E.g., the ones who have diabetes or asthma.
  • Those who smoke tobacco frequently or are chain smokers

Besides, the patients suffering from pneumonia presently cannot take the vaccine. Or even those who are prone to severe allergic reactions. If you want to know more about pneumonia 13, vaccine side effects, talk to the healthcare practitioner. Visit Pediatric Healthcare to get your child vaccinated. Call us at (281)655-1500 or (936)539-8190 and schedule your appointment.

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