The struggle is real when it comes to oral hygiene. It is undoubtedly considered a foundation of health maintenance that starts as early as when the baby’s first tooth comes in—so thinking about when to start brushing baby teeth? The answer is, right away!

When Are We Supposed to Start Brushing Baby Teeth?

More often than not, children with poor dental hygiene grow up to be adults with illnesses of the mouth and teeth. That is why it is advised to start cleaning your baby’s mouth even before the first tooth erupts.


Parents should start oral cleaning from the very beginning. There is no need to wait for teeth to grow. As soon as your baby takes its first feed, your work starts. This does not mean that you start brushing your baby’s gums with a toothbrush. Here’s what you can do.
Take a soft cloth, damp it using water and then gently wipe the gums off. When your child starts teething, place the damp cloth in a freezer or refrigerator to cool it. Rub that piece of cloth gently on the gums; it will help soothe your baby’s pain.


If you talk about proper brushing, that starts right when the first tooth pops. It is one of the most exciting moments in a parent’s life. However, this milestone brings a lot of added responsibility. As soon the first tooth comes out, chances of plaque buildup and further complications arise.
Take a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head, damp it, apply a very thin film-like layer of toothpaste, and gently brush in a circular motion. Make sure to cover all the areas thoroughly.

Why should I brush baby teeth?

It is very important to establish a proper oral care routine from the beginning. It helps them to understand that this activity is as important as having dinner. But, you must be thinking, why do we need to brush a baby’s teeth? What could possibly happen if we don’t?
One of the many complications that can take place is the decaying of the tooth. This can lead to further complications like speech delay and inadequate nutrition absorption. A decayed tooth also does not leave proper space for the next tooth to come. As a result, it mostly comes out crooked.

What if they don’t comply?

It is possible that your baby or child does not feel like brushing their teeth and shows resistance. Don’t worry; engage them with you, and make this activity fun so that they do not feel burdened by it.
The easiest way to attract your child to do this is to sing a song! Try making up songs that would encourage them to want to brush and sing along.
Another scheme could be presenting a toothbrush of their favorite color as a gift; without a doubt, they will be more than happy to use it. Or, one could brush alongside the child.
Before you start with the dental regime of your baby, we would recommend you to set up a consultation with our dentist at Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston P.A. For further information, give us a call (281) 655 1500.

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