A peaceful sleep of a child is essential for a mother. No matter how tired a child is, if he sleeps well, he stays fresh and healthy. But if a child sleeps peacefully but sweats a lot during sleep, it might make mothers worried. Often mothers are not aware whether baby sweating during sleep is normal for children or not. Let’s explore it.

Following are some of the reasons for baby sweating during sleep:

Position of sweat glands

You might have noticed that your child’s pillow gets wet when he/ she sleeps. This is because the sweat glands of a baby are located near the head. Since babies keep their heads in one place while sleeping, it creates sweat around the heads.

Room temperature

Mothers often in an attempt to keep their babies warm wrap them excessively. This increases their body temperature and eventually makes them sweat more. The room temperature should be warm for babies, but not hot. Furthermore, mothers should try to make their children wear light clothes for sleeping.

Body movement

Babies do not move while sleeping as much as adults do. The body temperature rises when the baby sleeps in one position. Sweating is a way of keeping the body temperature normal. However, if the baby sweats excessive, it might be a sign of an infection; therefore, it should not be ignored.

If a baby has normal health and still sweats a lot, it should not be addressed immediately. Abnormal sweating may be a sign of heart disease. If a baby sweats while sleeping, eating, or playing, the child might have congenital heart disease.

Furthermore, infants who suffer from sleep apnea may stop breathing for a while. This may increase the body temperature and may also make the baby go blue along with sweating.

It is best to take your child to a pediatrician if you observe abnormal baby sweating. The experts at Pediatric Health Care will help you identify if your child needs medical attention because of sweating while sleeping or sweating is just a way to keep body temperature regular.

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