It is beautiful weather outside, kids playing in parks, and getting stuck in your bed with running nose. If such is the situation, you might be having a seasonal allergy. Many of the people have different allergies, besides, can allergies cause migraines? People who have allergies complain of headaches. However, is it related? There is a relationship between a few types of allergies and problems, one triggers the other.

Common allergies causing migraines

Few people with migraine problems have to avoid some food. Food allergy can trigger headaches. However, the chemical combination of a few types of food, like chocolate and cheese, does not suit everybody and can cause migraines. Such people have to be careful in making their food selection. It is also a case in children; parents have to tract if their kids have any such food allergy.

Few seasonal nasal allergies, like allergic rhinitis, can trigger migraines. The sinus problem triggers the headache, it might be rare, but the season affects such people. Extreme weather or abrupt seasonal changes can affect their health. Histamine can also cause migraines. Our body produces histamine to fight with the allergic reaction, reducing the blood pressure resulting in migraines.

Avoiding migraine

It is wise to avoid the factors causing allergies to reduce migraine attacks. If the allergy is due to dirt or airborne particles, keep the surroundings clean, get a dehumidifier, replace carpets with floorings, and try to vacuum the place daily. Use medicines only if there is a need or visit the health care clinic. If conditions persist, the healthcare provider might suggest allergy shots depending on the situation.

So, can allergies cause migraines, yes few of them are connected? To know more about it, talk to the experts at Pediatric Health Care. They are glad to serve you and your child in all health care matters. You can call on 281-655-1500 and 936-539-81990 and schedule your appointment.

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