Tooth decay is a common issue amongst adults, but it can also affect children. Although all their baby teeth will fall off, it can become a problem if they are suffering from tooth decay. The biggest culprit is the sugars we give them from an early age.

Have you ever visited a supermarket and seen the shelves packed with healthy drinks? They all contain sugar in them. As per reports, your toddler should only have 10% sugars in a day of the calorie intake.

How Can Sugars Affect The Teeth?

Do not just cut down on sugars without knowing how it affects the teeth’s enamel because sugar is not the only issue. The damage is due to the acids that are produced due to sugar.

The bacteria in your toddler’s mouth breaks down the sugar in their mouth into energy. This is when the mouth releases acids to help breakdown the sugar. These acids also affect the enamel and lead to tooth decay, rotting of the teeth, cavities, toothaches, and tooth sensitivity.

How Can You Avoid Tooth Decay Toddlers?

The straightforward answer is to cut down on sugary items. They can have sugary items once in a while but not regularly. But when it comes to drinks, you should choose low sugar drinks for them.

Why don’t you only give them water? It is natural and one of the best ways to keep the mouth clean of bacteria. Water will keep their mouth moist and help in the production of saliva. Try infusing some fruits into their water. This will give them a delicious flavor without any sugar.

You can also try milk as it contains calcium and vitamin D. These both are good for building strong bones and teeth.

What Happens If You Brush Your Teeth After Drinking Soda?

You can brush your toddler’s teeth after having had soda and juices to clean out all the sugar. But pediatrics always recommend you to wait for about 30 to 60 minutes after they have consumed sugary drinks. That is because their teeth become sensitive after having sugar, and the friction can cause damage their enamel and spread of bacteria.

What Are Some Other Ways To Avoiding Tooth Decay

You can always take some preventive measures. Practice good oral hygiene and avoid sugary foods. Some tips to help you are:

  • Your toddler should not have more than one soda or juice a day.
  • Add water to the juice to dilute its intensity.
  • Teach your toddler to drink with a straw. It will lessen the contact of sugar with the teeth.
  • Do not let your toddler drink soda or juice right before bedtime. Avoid soft drinks before bedtime.

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