It is essential to develop good hygiene habits in children at an early age. Teaching the basics of personal hygiene is the first step to ensure your child’s health. Healthy hygiene boosts the immune system and reduces the chances of picking germs that can cause infections. In order to protect your child from getting sick often, here are some ways through which you can develop healthy hygiene habits in your kids:

  1. Develop the hand washing habit

Common cold is the number one reason behind school absences. But by teaching your kid to wash hands often, you can reduce the chance of infections. So, teach your kinds to wash hands before and after meals, as well as after using the washroom. Develop this basic hygiene habit by making hand-washing fun and interesting. For example, ask them to count backwards from 15 – 1 or chant a favorite song or jingle while washing hands.

  1. Set an example

Children look to their elders as role models. The best way to develop healthy hygiene habits in children is to set an example yourself. When your children see you take a bath daily, wash hands frequently and brush your teeth twice a day – they would automatically develop these habits.

  1. Hygiene does not have to be a chore

Make animal sounds during the morning grooming activities. Do a comical dance while brushing teeth. Make the shampoo suds into beards or blow bubbles. The daily hygiene does not have to be a boring task. Make it fun so that your child can learn the healthy hygiene habits and look forward to them.

  1. Tell them about germs but don’t scare them

Skip all the scary and irksome details, when educating your kids about germs and how they are dangerous. Play a game which makes your kids realize that germs are invisible and they spread without proper hygiene habits. Once the concept is understood, your child will practice good hygiene habits.

  1. Set up a routine

Once your child knows that without a bath there will be no bedtime story, they will be eager to take a bath. Children remember routines easily and they might even shock you by reminding you if you forget an important hygiene habit.

  1. Buy cool utilities

Kids seek entertainment in the daily tasks. To engage the kids in the grooming activities, add a dash of excitement by buying a rubber duck or a musical brush in the form of a favorite cartoon character. Make the mundane chores magical.

  1. Download a fun app

Want your kids to learn how to groom themselves? There is a really interesting way to do that! Download an app. Search for cool apps that teaches kids to groom a character or avatar. This way your child will learn the importance of taking a bath, using a toilet and dressing up – all in a fun way.


Parents should really focus on educating their children about healthy hygiene habits from a young age. It is also essential that kids are brought to Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston for a proper physical checkup to make sure that they are healthy.

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