Urinary tract infection is one of the most common infections in women and young girls. The chances of a female getting a urinary tract infection are 30 times more than males. If your child is experiencing sudden throbbing pain in the genital area and burning micturition/peeing, then they most probably have a urinary tract infection or UTI for short. It is a painful, bothersome experience that requires immediate attention. Continue reading this blog to know what it is and 7 instant UTI pain relief tips.

Urinary Tract Infection – UTI

It may look like a harmless condition, but it can turn into a nightmare if not taken care of over time. Every person, be it a child, is bound to have UTI once in their lifetime, and bacteria is the reason for its occurrence. With painful burning pee, other symptoms like swelling, recurrent urge for using the bathroom, and abdominal pain are common.
Thankfully, proper antibiotic treatment is available for treating this condition. But, how to relieve UTI pain instantly? Well, here’s the answer to your question.

7 Tips for Instant UTI Relief

Following methods have shown promising results for curing UTI pain fast:

1. Sitz Bath

It is a special kind of warm shallow bath for cleaning the genital area, specifically between the rectum and vulva or scrotum – in the case of males. Setting up a sitz bath in your bathtub is easy. Also, there are certain kits available for fixing in the toilet if bathtub is not an option.
In addition to UTI pain, a sitz bath also relieves skin irritation, itchiness, minor pain, cramps, and muscle ache. If sitting in shallow water is not doing the work, you can immerse your child halfway in warm water for proper relaxation.

2. Use of A Heating Pad

Cramps, abdominal and genital pain are the worst symptoms of a urinary tract infection, which hamper daily routine. For instant relief from UTI, you can also place a heating pad on your child’s abdomen for muscle pain.

3. Use cotton-based garments and avoid tight clothing

Fitted clothing increases the discomfort in the abdominal area, irritating the genitals as well. Choosing light, loose-fit clothing will let air pass letting your child’s body breathe. Keeping the pubic area dry and cool is important to prevent bacterial growth.

4. Urinate Often

Proper urination cleans the body, and toxins, bacteria, and unwanted content are flushed out through it. Ask your child to always inform when there is an urge to urinate and take a trip to the toilet immediately.
Make sure they consume a lot of water throughout the day so that they pass more fluid, flushing the microbes out. In case of mild UTI, the infection clears off within 2 days of starting water therapy,

5. Cranberry Juice For Instant UTI Relief

It is one of the most used home remedies for instant UTI pain relief. Many urologists explain that cranberries contain certain elements in them that prevent bacterial growth in the uterine area.
Gladly, cranberry juice is more like a treat rather than medicine for your child, so this therapy would work just fine for relieving their pain.

6. Blueberries and UTI

In UTI, the bacteria manifests the inner tract tissue lining and multiplies there, causing severe pain and inflammation. Fruits with antioxidant power like blueberries have a great effect on reducing infections.

7. Apply Coconut Oil

There is not much evidence available; however, many have reported that extra virgin coconut oil proved beneficial. Children are very fussy and might not take medicines at will; therefore, instead of forcing them, try putting coconut oil in the genital area externally. It will soothe the area and provide instant relief from UTI pain.

Take Out

These remedies are great for instant relief from UTI pain. If the pain is unbearable, visit our emergency care in Houston: (281) 655 1500 or Conroe: (936) 539 8190 and get the most affordable pediatrician service from Pediatric Healthcare of Northwest Houston PA.

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