Children are a blessing for their parents and they want the very best for them. If you are an expecting parent or are new to parenthood, it is your duty to choose what’s best for your baby. It is generally advised that you select a pediatrician during the 7th month of pregnancy or somewhere around 28 to 34 weeks into the gestation period. Here are 5 tips on choosing the right kind of pediatrician for your baby’s healthcare.

  1. Take Down Notes on Parenting

The first and foremost thing to be done as a new parent or an expecting one is to take a notepad and mention the areas of parenthood that are important to you, such as breastfeeding, baby wearing, homeopathic solutions, co-sleeping, etc.  You may have your own personalized style of parenthood so it’s better to find a pediatrician who will support your unique parenting style.

  1. Interview the Pediatrician

The second step is to find a doctor for your child. Ask your friends, relatives, and family members for references or you can check the American Academy of Pediatrics website for referrals. When you have selected some suitable pediatricians, go and interview each of them and note down everything; including the fact whether the pediatrician likes their job or not.

  1. Review the Location

This point cannot be stressed enough. It is crucial to note down the location of the pediatrician’s clinic because you don’t want to be late for an appointment or cause a delay if your baby is sick, just because of traffic. The clinic should be located in close proximity to your home, in order to save the commute time.

  1. Check Your Health Insurance

Of course, you may have sufficient insurance but you should contact your insurance plan and find out whether your selected pediatrician is covered by them or not. In addition, do find out the number of visits covered and if you are required to make a co-pay.

  1. Determine Your Pediatrician’s Credentials

You need to make sure that your pediatrician has the following credentials:

  • Member of the AAP: Make sure that your pediatrician is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and that they abide by the rules and regulations of the organization.

  • Board Certified: The pediatrician should have successfully graduated med school and completed a 3 year residency program. Additionally, he or she should have passed extra intensive examinations conducted by the board.

  • FAAP Listing: The pediatrician should be certified by the board and should be a member of the AAP.

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