You are not going to trust the care of your child to just anybody. The question is, how can you tell if the healthcare professional attending to your child is providing the quality medical care you are expecting? Talking to other parents and finding out who they are using and what their experiences have been is one way to find the high quality care you are seeking. That is, provided these are opinions you can trust. If you are new to an area, or don’t know of people who have quality medical care, don’t despair. Knowing what to look for will help you find the ideal professionals for your child.

References and Reviews

Your child’s health is extremely important, so choosing the right person or clinic is vital. Getting references and checking them will provide you with insights you may not get otherwise. Reviews from places or people you trust will also be a big help in determining the whether the place or person you are considering offers quality medical care.


So much has changed with healthcare over the years.  Many clinics offer a variety of choices for medical care. You may have access to a pediatrician, family doctor or nurse practitioner. A pediatrician has four years of medical training, plus additional years specializing in babies, children and teens. If you have special concerns about your child, a pediatrician may be best because of the specialized training. The environment of the pediatric office is always geared for the child’s enjoyment.

A family doctor also has four years of medial school training and can treat all members of the family from babies to great grandparents. Nurse practitioners are also highly skilled professionals that often handle most of the average healthcare issues kids face.

Quality medical care is available when you need it. It’s wise to choose a professional you like and stay with that person as much as possible so your child can develop a relationship with him or her. As your healthcare professional gets to know your child and your child’s body, your confidence in the person grows.

Quality Medical Care Reflects Ongoing Training

Healthcare professionals who stay current on trends in the medical field value ongoing education and bring that back to the office. There are cutting edge treatments and methodologies being developed constantly. You may not want someone who is forever switching things up; you also don’t necessarily want someone who is not interested in some of the latest medical breakthroughs. Finding the happy medium will put you and your child in a good position for the best in quality medical care.

Child-Centered Care

Even if you choose a family doctor for your child, you want one that knows how to talk to, and if appropriate, listen to your child. A person who makes you and your child feel comfortable is very important when searching for quality medical care. This builds trust which is vital in any patient/doctor relationship.


Doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses all have special training that makes them qualified for their respective positions. At the same time, you also know your child and you are the professional when it comes to your child’s behaviors. Quality medical care allows you to be heard. Your healthcare professional should speak in terms that are understandable and should offer you the opportunity to be a partner in your child’s healthcare.

When looking for quality medical care, it is important that you do your homework. Make a list of the things that are important to you and have that list available when interviewing potential providers. If your gut is telling you that this person is not the one for your child, be willing to listen. You will know the right person when he or she shows up on your radar.

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