The hectic lifestyles of families often lead to poor choices for meals. When kids are on the go, taking time for a healthy diet doesn’t always fit in with the scheme of things. It’s more efficient to stop by the nearest fast food place and grab something quick and easy or order a pizza. If you want to keep your children healthy, you will need to make healthy food choices.

Healthy< Protein

You’ll find healthy protein in a variety of foods. Lean meats, fish and poultry are all excellent sources of protein. Beans, nuts, soy and dairy products also have lots of protein. Even if your family is vegetarian or vegan, you can still have good quality protein in your children’s meals.

The proteins help make the neurotransmitters the brain needs to communicate between cells. Proteins can also keep blood sugar levels stable so there won’t be surges. This is particularly good news for families dealing with ADHD. Blood sugar surges can increase hyperactivity. Keep your children healthy and calmer with good proteins

Green Leafy Vegetables

This may be a little tricky. Don’t tell your kids that eating their spinach will put color in their cheeks, because they might tell you they don’t want green cheeks! The truth is, green leafy vegetables are the source of micronutrients. These include a host of vitamins: A, B, C, D, E, as well as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Some kids love salads especially when they are garnished with fruit. Parents have been known to hide vegetables in smoothies, meatloaf, breads and even cake. You may try making sandwich wraps using lettuce leaves. Sometimes kids love the novelty of something different.

Fruits and Bright Colored Vegetables

Most children love fruit. Instead of chips, offer your child a piece of fruit. Thin sliced apples are a favorite among little ones. Oranges supply Vitamin C. Grapes are best reserved for old kids unless you are going to take the time to cut them in smaller pieces; they pose a choking hazard to younger kids.

Healthy Children Eat Fiber

Fiber is good for keeping constipation at bay as well as filling up the tummy. The long term effects of making sure your kids eat enough fiber is that it may protect against many chronic diseases as they come into adulthood. Fruits, like strawberries, are loaded with fiber. You’ll also find it in brown rice and other grains. Many parents have their kids start the day with a bowl of healthy cereal full of fiber.

Get kids started early eating healthy foods and you will have less trouble when they get older. If you want your children to stay healthy the best thing you can do for them is provide healthy meals and snacks.

Annual checkups with their pediatrician helps keep kids well too. At Pediatric Healthcare we give you the information you need to help your children develop healthy lifestyles. Contact us to find out more information on how to help keep your kids fit.

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